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I have been an avid book reader from a very young age. In fact I was that kid who got in trouble at night for reading with a flashlight under my blankets when I should have been asleep! My reading habits continued through my childhood, teens, and have now followed me into adulthood. Although I have always been interested in reading I tend to find myself in reading slumps now and then. I was in a particularly bad slump back in 2014 and didn’t pick up a book for months. I finally decided that I was not happy with the lack of reading in my life and set out figuring out a way to fix this problem. I joined Goodreads to start keeping track of the books i wanted to read, something I often had trouble doing in my head, and to set goals for myself. This has brought the reading spark back to my life and now over a year later I am in the full reading swing with no intention of slowing down.

Now comes the Beauty part. In the past I was never one to focus too much on outward appearances. I wore the same basic makeup everyday, if any makeup at all, and I didn’t put too much thought into dressing in a way that represented me and my style. This began to change when I started doing a little more research into makeup and stumbled across the wonderful world of YouTube beauty gurus. I slowly began to branch out from my everyday beauty routine and ended up falling in love with makeup. Not just the products, but the way I can present myself in the way I want and I’ve found that I thoroughly enjoy experimenting and finding out what works best for me and my skin. Along with makeup I have started being more conscious of the clothes I buy and how they represent my personal style. I used to think that putting more effort into my appearance would make me a more shallow person, but I have found it gives me confidence and happiness now that I can represent myself through both my words and style.

I have come to realize in the past few months that books and beauty are my biggest hobbies and I wanted to create a space to share those hobbies and discuss them with others. Therefore, Bookish Beauty was born! I hope you decide to join me on my blogging journey and share what your favorite book and beauty discoveries are.

I plan on posting at least one book post a week (Monday) and one beauty post a week (Friday). I will also have bonus posts during some weeks (Wednesday) that could be book or beauty related. If you have any requests for posts feel free to share them in the comments section! You can also find me on Instagram and let me know your requests there. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

For those interested in my daily shenanigans you can follow me on Snapchat: BrittanyJo312

Allons-y Bookish Babes!




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