Review: Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry


Happy Monday Bookish Babes!

I finished the second book in The Giver series this past weekend – Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry – and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys!

After reading The Giver last year I was very intrigued to continue the series. Although this book is second in the series it is not directly linked to The Giver and can be read as a stand alone book. However, I have heard that the stories start tying together once you get to the third and fourth books.

Much like the first story Gathering Blue is set in a post apocalyptic world where society looks quite different from the society of today. Where The Giver was very futuristic this book shows a world where people have reverted back to medieval living. Our hero Kira has grown up in world where any physical deformity results in being cast out of the primitive village and left to die in the ‘Field’. Despite this way of living Kira has managed to survive with a twisted leg thanks to the protection of her mother. Once her mother dies she is faced with animosity from fellow villagers who wish to cast her out to the Field.

Kira learns to use her special gift of weaving to survive in the village and come under the protection of the elders. As shes learns more about the kind of life those with ‘special’ gifts are provided we as readers develop the same sense of wrongness as in The Giver. It takes a while for details to be revealed and even in the end much is left to speculation.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I plan to continue with the series. My only drawback was that the book seemed to end at a strange place without answering enough of my questions. I hope to get more answers as I read the rest of the series.


Have you read The Giver or Gathering Blue? What did you think of them? Share in the comments below or find me on Instagram to discuss!




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