Featured Beauty Youtuber – ThatGirlShaeXo


Hey Bookish Beauties! Today I wanted to start a new series of featured beauty youtubers! I follow quite a few and thought I would share some of my favorites with you. My first shout out goes to ThatGirlShaeXo.

Shae is a self taught makeup artist who loves her strong contour and a bronzed forehead (in her own words ‘A bronzed forehead makes me feel like a badass bitch!’). I absolutely love this girls personality and how genuine she comes across in her videos.

One of her most original types of videos is live swatching. This is where she takes a certain collection or haul she has received/purchased and swatches them on her eyes/lips instead of just her hand or arm. Her most recent live swatch video is the Kathleen Lights Where The Night Is Colourpop collection.

Shae also does Throwback Thursday makeup tutorials. Every week she’ll do a look with a makeup palette that isn’t talked about quite as much anymore. This gal has KILLER makeup tutorials, she may be self taught but is an absolute bawse.

Her celebrity makeup recreations are also fantastic. Just check out the Demi Lovato AMA one she did back in November, complete with hair tutorial!

I highly recommend checking her out on YouTube and Instagram.



2 thoughts on “Featured Beauty Youtuber – ThatGirlShaeXo

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