My Favorite Eye Shadow Palette

PicsArt_01-28-07 35 26

Happy Friday Bookish Babes!

Today I wanted to give you guys some insight to my favorite eye shadow palette! Now, I know this palette is not new by any means, but it is my very first high end eyeshadow palette and I love it. I did a lot of research before buying this and it definitely payed off!

PicsArt_01-28-07 36 34

These shadows are just an absolute dream! They blend beautifully, the colors are so flattering and versatile. My only complaint about them, and it’s not even a big one, is that they do kick up quite a bit when dipping your brush in. However, this is because they are very pigmented so I don’t really mind it.

PicsArt_01-28-07 37 20

The top row of this palette is all matte and the bottom row is all shimmer. I personally think this is just the best of both worlds in a palette, I really like having both finishes in one handy place.

PicsArt_01-28-07 37 51
Top row – first 4 colors: White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink

White: This makes a great brow bone highlight on fair skin!

Cream: I’ve hit pan on this shadow and I’m SO sad! I use this as an all over lid shade, to set my eyeshadow primer, and as a crease color.

Taupe: LOVE this one as a crease color!

Lt. Pink: I use this as an all over lid shade and crease color.

PicsArt_01-28-07 38 27
Top row – last 4 colors: Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black

Mauve: This is probably my favorite shade in the whole palette! I’ve been loving it as a lid shade for cool toned wintery looks. It’s also a FANTASTIC crease shade!

Sable: Love this in my outer corner for warmer looks and sometimes for cool looks. it’s also great for the lower lash line.

Espresso: LOVE this one! It’s great for the outer corner and lash line. A great dark shade that isn’t black.

Black: Every good palette needs a matte black, it’s just a necessity. This shadow is great for outer corner and as shadow liner.

PicsArt_01-28-07 38 50
Bottom Row – first 4 colors: Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze

Nude: This shade is just the perfect shimmery cream/nude color! It’s the absolute best for the inner corner.

Champagne: ….The only shadow in the whole palette that I just don’t like. This is more glittery than shimmery and it’s a bit too chunky for me.

Gold: Alright, I am not a big gold shadow/jewelry/anything girl but this shadow is still pretty! I get more use out of it during the summer, but it’s definitely one of my least used in this palette.

Lt. Bronze: As much as I’m not a big gold fan I do really enjoy this shadow! It’s great for the inner corner and a shimmery lid!

PicsArt_01-28-07 39 11
Bottom row – last 4 colors: Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

Pewter: I have been using the heck out of this shadow lately! I used to only use it in the outer corner for more shimmery looks, but I’ve been using it as a lid shade lately and LOVE it! Put this on your lid and then a little bit of Mauve in the crease and it’s just perfect!

Garnet: Guys, how do I use this? It’s totally not a color I usually use and I haven’t played with it too much. It’s a great quality shadow though! Just a little out of the box color for me.

Deep Purple: Another one of my favorites! This is great for more dramatic looks or if you want a shadow liner/outer corner that’s dark and shimmery but not quite black.

Slate: I really like this color! Although I think I would get more use out of it as a matte color.

I’ve received a few requests for makeup tutorials, would you like to see some with this palette? I’ve never done a tutorial before, but I think it could be fun to try for you guys! Leave your requests below!

Let me know what your favorite eye shadow palette is. I’m looking to try out a new one this year!



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