Featured Book Blogger – The Perpetual Page Turner

Happy Monday Bookish Babes!

Last month I featured one of my favorite beauty YouTubers and today I wanted to share a book blogger that I love! I have been following Jaime over at The Perpetual Page-Tuner for a while now and I really love her posts!

perpetural page turner

photo/logo credit to www.theperpetualpageturner.com

Jaime lives in Philadelphia and is a ginormous book worm, hence why she has an amazing blog dedicated to it! I really love this blog because there are not only book review posts but also lots of fun and creative posts sprinkled in as well!

Some of my recent favorite non-book review posts include:

10 Things I Wish Someone Would Invent – this one made me giggle so much!

Ten Historical Settings I Want To See More YA Books Set In

I absolutely love the creativeness of these posts and hope my blog will have some of that magic one day! Jaime’s posts often have lists of books she’s been enjoying and I really take advantage of these. I look up all the books she suggests and decided if I want to add them to my TBR pile, I end up adding most of them!

The comment sections on her posts are also filled with other book lovers chatting away! I really enjoy the community this blog has created and that you can go chat with others about the posts.


I could go on and on about this amazing blog but you really should check it out for yourself!

What’s your favorite book blog? Do you have a book blog? Share below!









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