Review – NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

PicsArt_02-25-09 03 08

Happy Friday Bookish Babes! A few weeks ago I posted an Ulta Haul that included a few NYX products and received a request to review this product!

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick claims to be a lightweight formula with a plush matte finish. I picked up the color Lace Detail and have been trying it out for a few weeks now.

PicsArt_02-25-09 03 40

My overall review of this product is that I quite like it! I absolutely LOVE the applicator on this! I find that it dispenses just the right amount of product. Using both sides I can completely fill my lips without re-dipping the wand. Another positive about these is they are transfer proof! After giving them a few minutes to dry they definitely pass the kiss test.

PicsArt_02-25-09 04 00

Even though these are transfer proof I have found they do not last all day. After eating they tend to crumble on the inner ring of my lips. They also crumble if you rub your lips together too hard/repeatedly. Although they are not long lasting I found reapplying after a meal a smooth process.

Would I recommend this product? YES! It’s not a perfect long lasting lipstick, but I think it is a great addition to any lipstick lovers collection. I tend to have trouble finding good nude colors for my skin tone and Lace Detail worked great for me!


Have you tried the NYX Lingerie lipstick? What did you think?






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