Book Review -Twin Reflections by Elizabeth R. Joseph


Happy Monday Bookish Babes!

A little over a month ago I was approached by a young author who asked if I would read and give an honest review on their self-published book. Twin Reflections by Elizabeth R. Joseph is a short (168 pages) YA fantasy story about a mystical maze that the characters find themselves trapped in with only their wits and magic to escape.

The author, Elizabeth, is a young teen in high school and this is her first self-published book. When she contacted me I was immediately in awe of the drive and passion she has for her work! It takes a special person to chase after their dreams no matter what.

As a long time lover of sci-fi and fantasy stories I was very excited to check out this book! However, I must say it was not my favorite. One of the reasons I love sci-fi and fantasy so very  much is due to incredible world building that takes an extremely creative mind. I found the details of the world this story is set in to be lacking. I had trouble getting a clear picture of the environment the characters were interacting with, both before they entered the maze and while they were in the maze. That’s not to say there weren’t some eye-catching details, they were just too far and in-between to build a world in my mind.

Although this book is only 168 pages it ended up taking me two weeks to complete it. I found the narration to be confusing and choppy. The perspective would switch between characters in a single paragraph, which prevented me from connecting to the characters thoroughly. I went through most of the book having to double check whose perspective I was reading. This removed me from the story and kept me from reading it as quickly as I usually do with other books.

I think this book is an excellent stepping off point for a young, aspiring writer. This author has potential and I would love to see how her writing improves!




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