Featured Beauty YouTuber – emilynoel83

Happy Friday Bookish Babes! Back in January I started a series on my favorite beauty YouTubers. My first post featured ThatGirlShaeXo and this month I am featuring EmilyNoel83!


Emily began her career in TV Broadcasting and was co-anchor of a morning show in Illinois. She began YouTube about a year after starting her broadcasting career. Balancing both jobs for 5 years Emily finally decided to focus solely on YouTube at the end of 2012. Having a background in TV has been incredibly beneficial to her YouTube career. She is able to give concise and detailed reviews on products that give the viewer a lot of needed information. She is constantly coming up with new and original video ideas that consistently keep her channel intriguing.

The newest series on her channel is Dupe, Dude, or Dream and I am LOVING it!


Emily posted a really fun makeup game video recently, kind of like a tag, but in my opinion way more entertaining! 88 palette BINGO is where you label your rows and columns of a large (or 88 pan) palette and then draw numbers to see what colors you have to use.

Every year Emily also does The Emily Awards, which is basically an end of the year favorites but much more in depth.


I highly recommend checking out Emily’s YouTube channel. You can also find her on all major social media sites!

Instagram @emilynoel83

Twitter @emilynoel83

Beauty Broadcast Blog


Who are your favorite beauty YouTubers? Let me know in the comments!


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