Featured Beauty YouTuber- ThaTaylaa

We’ve made it to the weekend Bookish Babes! Today I’m bringing you another installment in my Favorite Beauty Youtubers series featuring ThaTaylaa!


ThaTaylaa hails from Seattle, is a burrito expert, and a pale girl’s best friend. She started YouTube in 2009 and has become one of my absolute favorite beauty gals.

I absolutely love how many foundation first impressions and reviews she does that are pale girl friendly. In fact, she is currently doing a 15 Days of Foundation series that has been an absolute godsend! You can check out her full playlist for that series here.


I’m a huge sucker for one brand tutorials and I love her most recent E.L.F. tutorial.


She is also in the process of going from black to silver hair and has been documenting the journey for us. I think that silver hair looks GORGEOUS on her and it’s making me itch to dye my hair an awesome color!


Needless to say I highly recommend checking ThaTaylaa out, you won’t regret it!

Where to find her on social media:

YouTube: ThaTaylaa

Instagram: ThaTaylaa

Snapchat: thataylaasnaps


Who are your favorite beauty YouTubers? I would love to know!


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