July Wrap Up

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Welcome to August Bookish Babes! It’s still hot as hell here in Texas with no signs of stopping, but I’m already dreaming of fall!

This was another 2 book month, but I plan on being a lot more diligent with my reading in the coming months.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

This was the February book for Emma Watson’s book club and I gotta say….I haven’t really enjoyed any of her picks so far. Granted I’ve only read 2, so I’m still optimistic about some of the other choices. I did not like the formatting of this book, all of the conversations were written without quotation marks or indication of who was speaking. I found this very confusing and it prevented me from fully immersing myself in the story.


NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

You guys…this book….is SOOO good!! Go read it right now! Joe Hill is actually Stephen Kings’ son, his writing style and penchant for creepiness is very similar to his father. This book follows Victoria McQueen throughout her entire life (this is a long one at 686 pages) as she encounters increasing supernatural happenings, I can’t really say too much else without giving things away. The sense of foreboding was incredibly unsettling in such a fantastic way. I will say there were a few parts of the story that dragged for me, but I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and following them throughout a lifetime. Everything came together really well in the end and I think this is just such a well thought out book, there are even references to other Stephen King works. This is classified as a horror/fantasy/thriller so if you don’t like those kind of books maybe steer clear of this, but if you think you can handle it I HIGHLY recommend.


What did everyone read in July? I would love to know! Share in the comments or link to your wrap ups so I can check them out!


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