Book Review – This is Me by C.E. Wilson

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Happy Thursday Bookish Babes and happy book birthday to This is Me by C.E. Wilson! Not too long ago I did a review on another book by  C.E. Wilson, The Boy With Words, after she provided me with a free e copy in exchange for an honest review. I did enjoy that book and was happy to review another upcoming book of Wilson’s when she asked.

This is Me focuses on Chloe and her A-SIST (Anthropomorphic Sentient Individualized Servile uniT) Rogan. Rogan is a very human-like robot, so much so that most wouldn’t know he wasn’t flesh and blood if it weren’t for his stiff demeanor and formal speech. Many people at this time are not supportive of human and A-SIST romantic relationships, and this causes Chloe to be very private about her sexual relationship with Rogan. However, their closeness does not go unnoticed and it begins to cause trouble in Chloe’s personal and professional life.

I gave this 3 out of 5 stars and I must say that I didn’t like it quite as much as The Boy with Words. Chloe and Rogan already have a semi-platonic sexual relationship at the beginning of the story, so the reader doesn’t get to experience how that relationship came to be and progressed to where it is now. I felt like I wasn’t able to develop my own feelings and opinions about their relationship through interactions. From the very beginning we are told exactly what is happening and how Chloe is feeling about Rogan. I personally found this to be frustrating as there was no subtlety to the relationship dynamic and I prefer for things to not be so spelled out for me.  Chloe’s confliction about her relationship with Rogan was the subject of every paragraph of every page, while this book is only 310 pages these same conversations and thoughts got very old very fast.

I will say that I enjoyed the last bit of the book much more. I found Chloe’s extended family to be delightful characters and I wish we had seen more of them. A major commentary of this book is the racism towards A-SISTs and people who are ‘other’. I did quite enjoy how this played out with different characters, but the reveal towards the end was pretty predictable.

If you like a good romance book with a sci-fi twist I would recommend this. Since so much of this story focused heavily on romance it was not my favorite. I tend not to be a big romance novel person, especially if that is pretty much the only subject matter.

This book is now available, so go check it out! Happy Birthday This is Me!

Buy it here: This is Me by C.E. Wilson



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