Stitch Fix – Fall 2016

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Happy Sunday Bookish Babes! I don’t normally post about fashion on this blog but I ran a poll on Twitter to see if you guys were interested in seeing my latest Stitch Fix post and you were! This is actually my 3rd stitch fix box – I currently get them on demand, not on a firm schedule. For those of you unfamiliar with this service I’ll be going over what it is and what I got in this box.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a styling service that is done completely online. After signing up you will fill out a style profile that includes your sizes and style preferences. You can also set price points for what you are willing to spend on certain items of clothing. Then you will decide when you want your first fix. You can have it sent to you only when you decide (this is what I currently do) or you can have them sent to you on a regular basis whether that is monthly or seasonally. Each box comes with 5 items and you can leave a note for your stylist letting them know if you are looking for any specific types of items.

What happens when I get my box?

When you receive your box there is a note from your stylist along with some style cards to give you some inspiration for the items that were sent.

You have three days to decide which items you want to keep and which ones to send back. If you choose to not keep any of the items you will be charged a $20 styling fee. The box includes a sheet with prices for the items and your $20 styling fee goes towards your total purchase should you keep any items. Your box includes a return bag for the clothing you want to send back, it already has correct postage all you have to do is drop it at a post office.

What came in my box

For this box I specifically asked for jeans and dresses that I can wear in my casual work environment. Jeans is one of my absolute favorite things to get from stitch fix, they seem to always pick out great pieces that are comfy and stylish.

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41 Hawthorn Luiza Jersey Dress – $78

I actually really liked the cut of this dress, however the pattern wasn’t quite my style. If I’m going to spend $78 on a dress I want to absolutely love it. This is also a very form fitting dress which I don’t particularly like for an office setting. I prefer something that is a bit looser on the hips in a professional environment, even if it is a casual one.

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Kut From The Kloth Simmons Bootcut Jean – $88

I’ve been looking for some good bootcut jeans, but I ended up returning these. The fit was very comfortable and I loved the black color, however these were a bit long for me. I know I could have them tailored but I just didn’t think it would be likely that I would follow through with the alterations.

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Lila Ryan Liza Colored Skinny Jean – $98

Oh, these jeans! I never thought I would be a colored jean person but these are AWESOME, totally worth the entire fix. These are very comfortable and are great for fall outfits. I would describe my style as punk/casual edgy on the weekends and these go fantastically with a band shirt and some Vans. My only minor complaint is they are a touch short on me, however they still work and look particularly great tucked into some combat boots.

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Loveappella Greer Knit Dress – $74

This dress had the potential to be great, but the tight fit wasn’t a good option for an office environment. I considered keeping this for weekend or event wear, however after closer inspection the material was slightly see through and I was worried it would be very obvious under certain lighting.

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Lila Ryan Liza Skinny Jean – $98

These are almost exactly the same as the burgundy ones I decided to keep so you would think I would have loved them. For some reason these were not quite as stretchy as the colored jeans and I refuse to pay almost $100 for something that doesn’t fit perfectly.


I ended up only keeping the colored jeans from this fix, but I still consider that a very successful fix. I have yet to not keep anything from a box and I really love the pieces I’ve decided to keep.

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix I do have a referral link ( which will give me some credit if you order a fix. You of course are under no obligation to use this link but I would be very grateful if you decided to! This is absolutely not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my experience with this service and let you guys know my thoughts.

Would you guys be interested in seeing more Stitch Fix posts? Let me know! If I do another post I plan on taking pictures of me wearing the items, I didn’t this time due to being sick when this showed up on my doorstep.

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