Book Review – Untitled Beauty by C.E. Wilson


Happy Friday Bookish Babes! Untitled Beauty by C.E. Wilson is available today and I wanted to let you guys know what I thought about it. I have reviewed two of Wilson’s other books as well, you can check those out here and here. This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Grace lives in a world where your status is determined by your beauty score. The scale runs up to 20 and only those rated at the highest level can live a normal life. If you are rated below a 20 you essentially live your life as a lesser being, a slave. Grace is a very rare rating of 11  and is purchased by ‘collector’ of sorts with the promise of surgically enhancing her into a 20. Grace’s captor has alternative ideas for her though and plunges Grace (or 11 as she is referred to – Stranger Things anyone?) into a horrific situation.

This book is brutal in its explanation of the darker parts of this world. I really enjoyed Wilson getting into the more uncomfortable aspects of being a Beauty vs a slave. As with Wilson’s other books the world building really impressed me. I was definitely on my way to giving this book a four star rating until the romance came into play. Now I know I’m typically not one to love a romance story line but this one was written in a way I could not forgive. I won’t give away the twist…but at one point the love interest says:

 “You belong to me,” he says in a voice like steel. “You belonged to me when we first met and you’ve belonged to me since I lost you.”

Under normal circumstances I would already have major issues with a statement like this, but in a slavery situation ABSOLUTELY NO. I think this was a terrible writing decision, having someone say they belong to you (in a possessive context) is never okay. This is not romantic or sexy. I find it incredibly disappointing that authors continue to use this as a positive statement. I honestly could not take the story seriously after this turn of events and it dropped this down to a two star rating for me.

Despite not liking this particular book I do enjoy Wilson’s writing. I think her book concepts are incredibly unique and I really look forward to seeing how she grows as a writer. I do recommend checking out her other work, but I would give this one a pass.

If you are interesting in picking this up you can find it here.


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