Product Review – e.l.f. Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove

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Hey there Bookish Babes! Today I wanted to talk about an exciting new product from E.L.F., the Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove. There is a similar brush cleaning product from sigma called the Brush Cleaning Mat that has been very much hyped around the beauty community. However, the biggest critique of the Sigma product is the price which rings in at $32. When I saw that e.l.f. came out with it’s own version for only $10 I knew I had to try it! So does the cleaning glove work?

The Claims: This is a portable silicone brush cleaner with several textures to clean brushes of all sizes. The large dots are meant for lathering large brushes and the smaller ones are meant for smaller brushes such as eye brushes. The wavy texture in the middle is for cleansing and rinsing all brushes. There’s also two spots for straightening out large and small brush hairs before setting them to dry.

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I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to clean my brushes.

Instructions: Put the glove on your hand (there is a strap on the back that fit my palm pretty well, I’m not sure if it would fit very large hands), then add brush cleaner and water to the glove. Dampen your brush and swirl in the cleanser and desired texture. Once your brush is thoroughly lathered rinse with clean water and use the slots on the glove to reshape your brush.

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Very dirty brushes

Did it work? Yes, yes, yes! I am extremely impressed by the performance, quality, and price of this product. While I haven’t used any other similar products (such as the Sigma mat) I think this is well worth the purchase and a better dupe for other more expensive products. The ten dollar price tag is very reasonable in my opinion and I actually really like the size and ability to put this on my hand verses just laying a mat in the sink. I prefer the added control of having the glove in the literal palm of my hand. I will definitely be using this to clean my brushes from now on. In the past I had only been using my hand and I would need to lather and rinse very dirty brushes multiple times which took a lot of time and made my hand numb from all the rubbing. Using this glove only required one lather and rinse on majority of my brushes.

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Ooooo, ahhh, clean brushes

I’m really impressed with the products E.L.F. has been putting out lately. Let me know if there’s any other products you want me to review from this or any brand!

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7 thoughts on “Product Review – e.l.f. Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove

  1. I literally just bought this. I haven’t used it yet but I was so excited when I saw it on their site because like you I was just using my hand and I didn’t like it. I also ended up getting the Mist and Set that you recommended to me but I have still not used it oops. Look forward to seeing more product reviews!!


      1. I will as soon as I put them to the rest which might take me a week or so. IDK if you have tried their Matte lippies but I got sent one in the shade Praline and I am obsessed with the color!


      2. The other two shades I have that I actually bought myself are Natural and Wine. To me Natural is to bright of a pink for me but sometimes I can mix it with something else and it looks good. I love Wine it’s a red. I wore Praline today and I have to say that is my favorite color out of all the ones I have.


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