This Healthy Life: A Beginning

Health Banner - Beginning

Welcome to Spring Bookish Babes! For the past 15 months this blog has been focused solely on books and makeup, but today I want to start something a little different. Lately I have been spending a lot of time focused on making healthy changes to my life. I’ve never been one for diets or health fads, I much prefer to make changes that are attainable and long lasting. I want to share the steps I’m taking to live healthier in all areas of my life and post weekly logs updating you with the healthy recipes, workouts, and mental health tools I’m using. My hope is that this will help hold me accountable, provide you guys with tips (and that you will share your tips with me!), and provide a place for conversation.

Food Fuel

I have always been an emotional and bored eater, however I am strongly working to change these habits. I don’t plan on strict calorie counting during this process, but I do use my health app (S Health on Samsung Galaxy/Android Phones) to plug in a lot of my meals to make sure I’m getting the right nutrients and that my meals/snacks are balanced. Monday-Friday I’m trying my best to eat meatless for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. My husband is a major carnivore so we typically include meat in our dinner meals and on the weekend.

During my weekly logs I’ll be sharing the food I’ve been eating and if I plan on eating it again. I’m trying out a lot of new recipes so I can find great go-to meals that are easy to make, I’m not one who particularly enjoys cooking and I don’t have a natural knack for it.

My goal is to eat around 400 calories for main meals (like I said, not being crazy strict with calories, but watching my portions to make sure they are balanced/nutritious) and 200-250 calories for snacks 2-3 times a day. I aim for a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. On days that I am working out after work I’ll typically have a second mid-afternoon snack before my exercise.

Physical Health

My current workout plan is two days a week of Yoga, two days strength training, and two days running for a total of six workout days a week. The main focus for me right now is just general fitness level, as I get more in shape this will probably change and I’ll be documenting those changes along the way.

Mental Health

One of the main reasons I am really pushing to have a better lifestyle is due to my struggles with anxiety. I’ve found that consistent exercise and eating well drastically helps with my daily anxiety (shocker, I know) as well as getting outside more often. My job has been pretty stressful over the past few months and I unfortunately work in an office space with no windows. I will be putting my mental health first during this whole process.

Weight Loss Goals & Rewards

Part of my mission to get healthier is to lose some weight, around 40 pounds. I’ve honestly been increasingly unhappy with my weight for the past couple of years and a recent trip to the doctors office really put it into perspective for me. To get me motivated I’ve come up with some non-food rewards for along the way:

10 pounds lost – A book subscription from my local book store

20 pounds lost – Boxycharm makeup subscription box

30 pounds lost – Salon appointment to professionally dye my hair! I’ve only ever box dyed my hair and I’ve been wanting to have it professionally done for a while, just haven’t been able to justify the cost.

40 pounds lost – New clothes!

1 year of keeping my goal weight – tattoo! I’ve been wanting a big colored tattoo from my shoulder blade down to quarter sleeve for a few years now and I plan on using this goal to finally get it!


I would love to know your tips and tricks for getting healthy! Come chat with me on any of my social media platforms: Instagram ~ Twitter ~ Snapchat ~Goodreads ~ Blog







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