Happy Friday Bookish Babes! As some of you may know I’ve stepped away from blogging to explore the realm of YouTube, however I still want to post on this space occasionally letting you know what I’m up to. Starting today my goal is to at least have a wrap up post every month for you guys.

So, what’s been going on in September? Work wise (I do have a 9-5 desk job that pays the bills) it’s been a little stressful lately due to a busy season in my field, but overall doing alright. At home I’ve also been pretty busy with rearranging some of our apartment. We’ve lived in our current apartment for a year and a half and it’s constantly a work in progress. Recently we had our balcony power washed and are working on setting it up as a nice outdoor space for the cooler months….which who knows when that will be, I do live in Texas after all. I do get to escape this hot weather soon though, we’re going to Seattle in a week! It has always been our dream to live in Seattle, even though we’ve never been there…. So we’re pretty much either going to be disappointed and change our life plans or we’re going to come back itching to move IMMEDIATELY. While we’re in the Pacific Northwest we’ll also be attending the Halloweentown festival in St. Helens, OR! I am so freaking excited for this, we’ll also be doing our first attempt at vlogging during this trip! Well, that’s pretty much all of my updates for this month. Let  me know what you’ve been up to and feel free to check out some of my latest videos while you’re here!


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