Skincare Routine Summer 2016 – updated

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Happy Monday Bookish Babes! Today I wanted to share with you the skincare products I had been using this past summer and if I would recommend picking them up.

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Skin Care Routine Summer 2016

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Happy Fourth of July weekend my Bookish Babes! It’s time for another skincare update! My regimen tends to shift slightly from season to season and I like to share the updates with you guys along with mini reviews of the products. I hope you find these type of posts helpful and that you share your favorite skincare products in the comments!

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Skin Care Routine Fall/Winter 2015


Let’s kick off the weekend with a little skin care, shall we?

Until recently my skin care routine was extremely basic. I used one cleanser and one moisturizer, that’s about it. As I started getting more into makeup earlier this year I also started paying more attention to the state of my skin. This lead me to fleshing out my skin care to quite a few products so I thought I would share my current routine with you guys! For reference I have oily/combination skin that is acne prone.

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